Kamil Banc

The CEO's Guide to Generative AI

“A must-read playbook for leaders seeking to harness innovation. This book provides clear, no-nonsense strategies to integrate advanced systems for competitive advantage.”

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Who Is This Book For?

  • Business executives seeking to future-proof their organization with AI capabilities

  • Entrepreneurs and founders looking to gain a strategic edge over competitors

  • Any leader responsible for digital transformation and technology integration

  • Investors and board members who want to advise on AI adoption

  • Anyone eager to understand the tangible business impacts of artificial intelligence

Packed with practical insights, this guide enables readers to look past the AI hype and leverage its real-world business potential. It provides the understanding you need to transform your operations with artificial intelligence.


What's Inside?

  • Fundamentals of generative AI and its impact on automation, decision-making, and innovation

  • Ways to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and add direct value using AI

  • Strategies for seamless AI integration into existing workflows with minimal disruption

  • The future scope of AI and how leaders can stay ahead of rapid advancements

  • Practical guidance on maximizing ROI, addressing challenges, and steering your organization confidently into the AI-powered future


What Some Readers Say

“This book is a brilliant reference for leaders looking to leverage intelligent systems and AI to solve real-world problems and innovate. Through practical strategies and valuable insights, it demonstrates a clear pathway for business transformation and growth in a rapidly-changing world.” - Alexis Banc, CEO of Kwik Brain"Don't let the tech jargon intimidate you - this guide breaks down AI into simple, strategic steps." - Eric Bandholz, Founder and CEO of Beardbrand"What do you think of this… A must-read for C-Level Leaders in ALL industries!" - David Leighton, CEO and Co-Founder, WITI"This book is quite comprehensive for any beginners, which is why it will be a good book as most people are still in the dark about AI." - Dr. Yanto Chandra, City University of Hong Kong"Kamil Blanc's extensive knowledge of AI makes him the ideal person to bring this new technology to leaders who need to understand the scope of AI and how best to integrate it in to their organizations. His book is the perfect roadmap that will make sure you are not left behind in this exciting new world." - Isaac Mizraki, Serial Entrepreneur

Who Wrote The Book?

About the Author

Kamil Banc is an AI expert dedicated to helping businesses leverage artificial intelligence to improve operational efficiency. As Chief AI Officer at Kwik Brain, he spearheads AI adoption initiatives for leading companies worldwide.Kamil is deeply immersed in the practical application of AI, having started his own AI consultancy, Adapt & Create. He also publishes AI-generated children's books, hosts AI mastermind groups, and frequently engages in thought-provoking discussions about AI on social media.With several years of experience, Kamil has become a trusted strategic advisor for business leaders pursuing AI integration. Through his writing and initiatives, he aims to accelerate understanding of AI and guide organizations in harnessing its transformative potential.

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